Agent S

Duncan - Apr 30,2021 at 12:43 am

Agent S wears a blue helmet with two vertical white stripes that has the #2 between them in white. The helmet covers most of her head, and a translucent dark brown visor covers her eyes, which are half-closed and circle shaped with round black pupils. Her arms and legs are blue, and her hands and feet are white. This makes it appear as if she is wearing a full on suit, which matches the color of her initial clothes. She has a smile that is like a sideways 3, with a buck tooth sticking out of it. Her tail begins as gray but fades into white, with a swirl that is also the same gray as the rest of her body. The insides of her ears are pink. Prior to New Horizons, her arms and legs had stripes which consisted of a thick white stripe surrounded by two thin black stripes, giving more detail to her “superhero suit”-like coloring, but it appears that these stripes have since been removed. Her initial clothing is the No. 2 shirt.